pricing effective 1st march 2020
When booking a colour service online, please select the colour first, then the styling or cutting last.
**All ladies cuts include a complimentary cleanse, price is still the same if you choose not to have it.
Style Cut inc. cleanse, head massage, cut and blowdry  $59 (45 mins)
Restyle inc. cleanse, head massage, complete style change and blowdry $75  (60-75 mins)
Basic Cut inc. cleanse, no blowdry $39  (30 mins)
Pensioner Cut inc, cleanse, no blowdry $34 allow (30 mins)
Curl Pattern Cut
New Client Short Hair (above shoulders) $75 (60 mins)
New Client Long Hair (below shoulders) $105 (90 mins)
This includes a full consultation, dry curl cut, deep conditioning treatment and style along with education on how to manage and care for your hair.
Book this New Client service if i haven't cut your curly hair before.
Existing Client Short Hair (above shoulders) $60 (45 mins)
Existing Client Long Hair (below shoulders) $75 (60 mins)
Book an existing client service if I have previously given you a Curl Pattern Cut.
Childrens Curl Pattern Cut (3-13yrs) $35 (30 mins) (over 13 years will be charged at $60 per hour so will depend on length and thickness)
Please note: When you book for a curl pattern cut, for optimal results, I ask that you come to the salon with your hair in its natural state and left down. Please do not tie it up with a hair tie, scarf, or scrunchie, and do not wear a hat as it interferes with the curl pattern.
Braids added to a service $10 (extra 15 mins)
Braids with a cleanse $30 (30 mins)
Cleanse and Style Short $35 (30 mins)
Cleanse and Style Medium (shoulder length and above) $40 (30 mins)
Cleanse and Style Long (below shoulders) $45 (45 mins)
Cleanse and Style Extra Long (bra strap length) $50 (45 mins)
Post Colour Dry and Style $40 (45 mins)
Upstyle 30 mins $50
Upstyle 45 mins $59
Upstyle 60 mins $68
Curly Styling Lesson (90 mins) $85 (includes education on hydrating and styling your naturally curl hair, products advice, a hydrating treatment and dry either by diffuser or hood drier, depending on hair type)
**All mens cuts include a complimentary cleanse, price is still the same if you choose not to have it.
Cut inc. cleanse, cut, dry & finish $28  (30 mins)
Cut & Beard Trim inc. cleanse, cut, dry & finish $34 (30 mins)
Skin Fade inc. cleanse, cut, dry and finish $34
Clipper Cut (clippers only, minimal blending) $18  (15 mins)
****All colour prices are an estimate and will be quoted during initial consultation.
***KHairPep is an extra $15 and recommended with ALL lightening services.
*** COR Restore is an extra $25 with a colour service and recommended with all colour services.
Regrowth Tint    Up to 6 weeks $80 (30 mins)  Over 6 weeks $85 (30 mins)   T Section $30 (15mins)
Global Colour    All over colour
                               Short (above shoulders) $85   
                               Medium (shoulder length) $90 
                               Long (below shoulders) $100
                               Extra Long (bra strap length) $110
****All foil prices are an estimate only
****If you have a toner, please add this to your booking as it is a separate service.
Hairline & Parting  $65. (15mins)
This is an express foil service. Foils will be placed on either side of the part and front hairline. If you have a toner please add this to your booking as it is a separate service.
1/2 Head   $80 (30 mins)
Top section of your head starting underneath the crown to the front hairline and 3 foils on each side. If you have a toner please add this to your booking as it is a separate service.
3/4 Head    $95 (45mins)
This application will cover most of the head excluding the bottom nape section. If you have a toner please add this to your booking as it is a separate service.
Full Head up to 6 months regrowth $120 (75 mins) If you have a toner please add this to your booking as it is a separate service.
Full Head Long over 6 months regrowth or a new full head of foils $135 (90 mins) If you have a toner please add this to your booking as it is a separate service.
All Over Toner $30 (15 mins)
Creative Toner $45 (30 mins) This option is required for all lived in blonde colours, root stretches/shadows.
Combination colour
****Price is an estimate only and will depend on the amount of foils, balayage or tip outs in between and specialty techniques required to achieve look. Price can be quoted at consultation.
Colour + Foils Add $30-$50 to any foil price for colour in between. (30 mins)
Tip Outs/Balayage in between foils Add $30 (30 mins)
colour correction
Contact the salon to discuss requirements and get a quote, 50% deposit required at time of booking
keratin smoothing system
Defrizz Treatment lasts 3-5 months.
Above Shoulder Length $250
Shoulder Length $300
Below Shoulders $350
Bra Strap Length $400
Price includes the recommended take home Shampoo and Conditioner valued at $72.00.

KHairPep  $15

K18Peptide is a long chain peptide formulated to shuttle amino acids (the building blocks of hair) into the inner structure of the hair. Once inside the hair, the unique amino acid chain bonds with the hair protein, repairing the broken disulfide bonds, reattaching the hair fibre, adding strength and elasticity, and restoring the hair's health, shine and manageability. Only adds an extra 4 minutes to your service. Strongly recommended with every lightening service.


The O&M CØR.restore in-salon treatment is composed of a liquid blend of Amino Acids, called Part 1 – Liquid. It is made to be used during a chemical process to protect and nourish the hair. The second component is Part 2 – Balm, a restorative cream designed to replump the keratin protein within the hair. When used together, these two assist the stylist into looking after the condition of hair during or after a service.

The Amino Acids and complex of Organic Elements in O&M CØR.restore aid in building protein and hydrating the hair. This blend is essentially the basic components of a healthy hair that we’re driving back and relinking to the remaining proteins in the fiber. It’s made up of the following:

  • Arginine – Stimulates Hair Growth

  • Glycine – Slows Aging Process

  • Alanine – Helps Retain Color

  • Serine – Strengthens the Hair

  • Valine – Nourishes the Hair Fiber

  • Proline – Builds Collagen

  • Threonine – Provides Protein and Collagen

  • Isoleucine – Plumps and Fills the Hair

  • Histidine – Strengthens the Hair Shaft

  • Aspartic Acid – Conditions Strands

  • Sodium PCA – Preserves Moisture

  • Phenylalanine – Helps Prevent Fading

B3 Split End Bonder $15

In salon heat activated treatment that binds cuticle fibres together instantly sealing split ends whilst preventing breakage for up to 4 weeks! Requires blowdrying and flat iron but will leave your hair feeling shiny and new as well as extending the life of your hair cut. Perfect for the person growing their hair or wanting to maintain their long hair health. Adds $15 to any blowdry or cut & blowdry service.

Hot Heads Indulgence Treatment $30

This is the ultimate indulgence treatment. Your stylist will recommend either the Everescents Deep Treatment, Everescents Remedy Treatment, DNA Organics Primrose Reco Masque or DNA Tricologie Hot Oil Treatment. With either treatment, your senses are in for a delight with the aromatic essential oils. First we begin with a cleanse, then the treatment is applied and an eye pillow placed over your eyes to enhance your 10 minute head massage. Once the massage is complete your hair is placed in a shower cap and a hot head cap placed over the top to allow the heat to infuse those beautiful oils into your hair for 10 more minutes. You can either lay back in our basin and have a snooze with the eye pillow still in place or you can take a seat, read a magazine and have a wine or a coffee.

*Highly Recommended

***All Pricing Effective 1st March 2020