curly hair.

I absolutely love cutting and colouring curly hair. And I love teaching people how to look after and manage their curly hair.
I am familiar with "the curly girl method" and am happy to use this method on you if you follow it or I have also developed some of my own methods over the years which I am happy to share. 
I offer "Curl Pattern Cuts", where I cut the hair dry, curl by curl, looking at the shape and how I think it would work best for your curls, once the dry cut has been completed, I then cleanse or co-wash your hair, apply a deep treatment and then we style with either the diffuser or under the hood dryer depending on which your curls will prefer.
I stock a range of curly girl approved products including EverEscents Organic Haircare, Jessicurl styling products and Clever Curl. I also normally have diffusers and Denman brushes in stock to purchase too, and always looking for new curly bits and pieces.
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When you book for a curl pattern cut, for optimal results, I ask that you come to the salon with your hair in its natural state and left down. Please do not tie it up with a hair tie, scarf, or scrunchie, and do not wear a hat as it interferes with the curl pattern.