Hi, I’m Brontie, the owner of CROP. Low Tox Hair. I have been a hairdresser for 21 years. I completed my apprenticeship at a high end salon in the beautiful suburb of Burnside, Adelaide where I learnt so much from amazing teachers and mentors. I had the opportunity to teach others, work on prestigious fashion shows and fashion weeks before the country life beckoned me. I returned to Broken Hill in 2004 and have owned my own salon since 2008.

I pride myself on being able to communicate well with my clients, and to able to understand their needs and hair requirements based not only on what they think will look good, but also what fits in with their lifestyle and what their hair managing abilities are.

My salon will provide you with a sanctuary of peace and quiet, relaxation and excellent customer service, whether you are in for just a quick blow dry or a 5 hour colour service, I value you and your time.

I am also a qualified Nutritional Medicine Practitioner and have operated another business Vitamin BH, although i am not currently practising at the moment. Being a natural health practitioner, I also have a keen interest in hair health and encourage and strive for strong healthy hair from the inside out. In fact, the last few years have been really hard, I had been so focused on studying and although I still enjoyed doing hair, I felt like a walking contradiction. Learning about health from the inside out, learning about different health conditions and that many are fueled or exacerbated by toxic overload. I had removed many chemicals from my life in the way of cleaning products, make up, perfumes, hair products etc. but it got to the point that I was almost ashamed to call myself a hairdresser. Advising my nutrition clients to lessen their toxic load one day and then the next day I was walking into a room full of chemicals. It felt fraudulent and misleading.


Over the Christmas/New Year holiday break of 2018/19 I started doing some research. I have spent countless hours researching, enquiring, speaking to various other professionals about what was available and what I could do to somehow merge/streamline my two business so that they both fall inline with my beliefs, my knowledge and what I feel is right for me and my clients. After all the researching and trialing of several different ranges of products (thanks to all my regulars who voluntarily played my guinea pigs), I now know where my salon is heading. I feel so inspired and excited to create beautiful hair again. I am currently transitioning to Low Tox, ammonia free, PPD free, resorcinol free hair colour.


Original & Mineral is Australian owned, Australian made, cruelty free beautiful colour range that has won my heart. It smells amazing, the shine and the feel of the hair is outstanding, the best ammonia free bleach I have ever used and is as low tox as you can get for a high performance colour. (There is currently no 100% organic colour). From here on in, I will be choosing as much as possible Australian made and owned, cruelty free, organic where possible, environmentally friendly, ethical companies. I want you to know that when you come to my salon, very products on the shelf is there because I chose it and you can rest assured that it is a Low Tox product, free of pthalates, parabens, sodium lauryl sulfate and other nasties that get hidden in hair products. I currently stock EverEscents Organic Haircare, Eco Style Project, Jessicurl, Clever Curl, Olaplex and Bondi Boost and there are others in the pipeline.

My salon practices will also change, I choose to be a sustainable salon. Biodegradable gloves and bin liners, recycled foil and biodegradable foil alternatives, eco friendly cleaning products, led lighting (which we already have), I have even changed the heads on my basin taps to Ecoheads, so less water is used. I have also changed our coffee to organic, recyclable, biodegradable pods. 


My aim is to create beautiful,healthy, great looking hair for my clients, in a relaxed little sanctuary that I am proud of. (And if they want some education on the Low Tox life we can chat about that too ) I want my clients to come into my space and know they are getting the best care for themselves, their hair and the environment. Hair & products you can feel good about!! We also have Afterpay and online booking is now available!!


So if you care about your health, your hair and the environment,

then choose ME 

Yours in Healthy Hair

Brontie x